colour riot: kitty mccall

one of the things i loved most about living in nigeria (2007-2011 – my heart is still there!) was the frequently used expression “na colour riot”  to describe the frenetic mix of bold colours splashed over the wax cloth paraded by my friends. i was fascinated by these confident clashes; my traditional coordination of color seemed bland and dull.

when i discovered folkestone-based kitty mccall via instagram, i went down a rabbit-hole lined with bright, happy, energetic colours and i knew i was in love, transported back to the colour riot days. founded by catherine nice in 2011, the range includes fabrics, prints, ceramics and stationery. my own collection has started thanks to one of my most thoughtful friends cheering me up with a gift of a landscape print, pictured above. follow the interior advice from this team and you will soon brighten up your space: never go for matchy matchy! if it doesn’t go, it goes. x jo 



:: all images copyright kitty mccall ::


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