the colours of viejo san juan


we’ve loved living close to viejo san juan, puerto rico. we are hoping to get visas to return, but until then i’m going to ignore the howling wind and torrential rain outside my window here in london and reimmerse myself in the colours from my photos. san juan is saturated in bold combinations that really play with colour and the effect they can have on or emotions. for a really interesting read on this subject, have a look at Goethe’s observations in a theory of colorsdissected nicely on brain pickings. for this post i wanted to share some of the more gentle exteriors. i’ll do another one with all the bright, garish, fabulous combos another time.


the doorways of the city fascinate me. i love that many of the residents will push the wooden shutters on the windows right back and leave the front door ajar when the heat gets too much, just enough for me to sneak a peek. i haven’t managed to photograph the inside of any houses yet but i’d love to see the courtyard gardens and the tiled floors.


the love of relaxed gardening in san juan means that some quite formal houses look more accessible and friendly. sometimes we feel we could be in spain or greece.


DSC_0720.JPGbefore this lady saw me, i quickly snapped a picture of the classical architecture and beautiful minty green and dusty pink combination of these buildings. some colours just work together. she was busy watching a police band below – the chief of police was belting out a fantastic power ballad! x jo 


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