interview: lebeau bags + other leather stuff


like all the best creative businesses, this one started with large doses of passion and experimentation. for my califonia-based friends daniel and stacey, their leather goods company started because of an overpriced clutch for sale in san diego boutique. stacey fell hard for the clutch but she knew she couldn’t splash out; she explains: “daniel said, “i can make that!” and we immediately went to a local leather store, bought some suede and he set about making a replica at home. it was beautiful!”  lebeau bags – and now featuring other leather goods – was born.


i love the restrained colour pallette and the buttery leather lebeau use for their goods. theirs is a beautifully curated collection. i wanted to know more about this innovative couple and their beautiful handmade products so i asked stacey to talk us through the lebeau brand.

gg: besides wanting a new clutch, why did you start lebeau? 

we have been so inspired recently by couples who are able to support themselves through creative small businesses. daniel and i are both self-employed but we like the idea of doing something together on the side.

gg: where do you find your inspiration?

the look of our brand is clean, simple and linear. we find inspiration in geometric shapes and asymmetry. there is much beauty in uncomplicated design, letting the materials take most of the attention. we use high-quality leather, in mostly neutral tones. although we just purchased a beautiful pebbled red leather for a pop of colour!



gg: as a partnership, how do you balance your work and your personal life outside of it? 

this is not something we have mastered yet. lebeau is a baby (infant!) business at the moment, living somewhere between hobby and business. since we love it so much, though, any spare time we scrounge up we like to spend working on advertising, design or filling any orders we may have.

gg: could you explain how you work as a team? 

daniel and i work together on the designs. he is the maker and i handle the brand, which includes photography, social media, styled shoots and our shop. we really love getting to work together on this project.



thank you so much stacey and daniel for the mini interview. we wish you every success with your beautiful new project!

all images courtesy of lebeau. shop the leather goods here and follow their journey on instagram x jo



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