new discovery: pulse london

pulse is a retail show for trend-leading products held in olympia from may 14-16. in order to gather some gorgeousness, we went along with a special interest in seeing the ‘makers’ section and were excited to see two of my favorites, loela and wolf and moon. here are a couple of my new favorites {as an infj i get obsessed very quickly!}. we have a thing for handmade and products with a personal story behind them. before i go too far i’ll confess that we weren’t very prepared for this show! ben is full of cold and really tried not to sneeze on everyone! also we forgot to charge our phones to take pictures, so i’ve used images in this post from the makers themselves {if you own the pics and would rather i didn’t use them please do let me know}. 


projektityynynora is a beautiful finnish mum and has recently shifted from being a buyer for some big names to focussing on her own stunning collection of soft furnishings. the fusion of scandinavian aesthetic and traditional indian fabrics and textures makes nora’s work different and very tactile. it was a pleasure to have a chat with her!



by studio hands: i’d discovered birdie baker’s work only a few days ago and i was blown away to see it in the flesh. the hand-made colour riot that birdie has created is truly uplifting but extremely wearable at the same time and the line has impressive ethical credentials. i’m lusting after one of her vegan-friendly scarves!


jenny sibthorp: self-taught designer jenny was so lovey to chat with and her example really encouraged me to follow whatever passions i might have. have a read of this insightful interview on design sponge to learn more about jenny’s creative processes.


ziko afrika: stunningly beautiful and very friendly sisters sisi and el have created a gorgeous collection of jewelry inspired by the sister’s dual kenyan-british heritage. i love that they describe themselves as ‘trend neutal’; these are investment pieces designed to last and interpret in whatever way you like.

did you go to the show? see anything gorgeous? let me know in the comments x jo




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