illustration: alicia galer

ah i am all for murky saturday afternoons and time to scour the wonderful world of instagram for inspiration. i’ve had a little blog break whilst i work on my new project, firain. i’ll bombard you with details about it in another post. i have a bit of a brain ache from all the ideas whirring in my head!

for this post, i wanted to let you know about alicia galer. her graphic, sometimes quite sparse illustrations of plants and flowers have really grabbed me. i love the four darker spring prints, which i would love to sell in my shop (i mentioned that firain is a shop, right?!).


i have had a bit of a patch of not knowing where i headed with this blog and other creative projects but i am happy to declare that i am back on track. look out for more regular, hopefully interesting content that i have gathered from my travels.

anyway, dear readers, how are you? who are you? let me know in the comments! x jo


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